Air release valve
Short Description

Ref. product: RF04-C

Ductile iron air release valve wich is epoxy coated. 

It is used for pipeline; it is intended on the highest position of horizontal pipeline 

so that exhausted air of the pipe and prevent pipeline changed when negative pressure occurs.


  • Air release valve PN16
  • Single type is suitable for discharge accumulated air in pipeline during normal flow
  • Double type is suitable for discharge air during filling or admit air during draining
  • Working temperature up to 70°CC.



  • Test conform to EN 1074-1&4, ISO5208.
  • Flanges and drilling acc. to EN 1092-2
  • Inside and outside fusion bonded epoxy coating
  • Body/bonnet bolts sealed with hot melt
  • Ductile iron construction design
  • Working minimum pressure 0.3bar


  • Single type or double type
  • Alternative flange drilling